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Where are all the Kra fans?

October 20th, 2009 (04:07 pm)

We come to you today with heavy hearts. We recently released our 12th issue, in which we were holding a contest to give away Kra's hand drawn, SIGNED "dream tour goods". The contest ended today. Why are we sad?? NO ONE entered it! Everyone opted to enter the Miyavi contest, instead ;_;

So, if you have purchased issue #12, we are extending the contest! We will now do the drawing on November 10th. We have 4 boards to give away, so 4 winners! All you have to do is read the interview in issue 12 and answer the question. It's easy!

If you haven't grabbed your copy of the magazine yet, get it here: www.five-for.com. And yes, we ship world wide!

Enter soon! Don't make the Kra guys unhappy bunnies ;_;

Please feel free to pass this announcement on to other Kra fans, we really want to give these away!


Posted by: Cherushii (Rue) (o_cherushii_o)
Posted at: October 22nd, 2009 12:38 am (UTC)

sorry guys! you just witnessed the power of the komiyavi's love for Miyavi ^.^ <3

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